Idrissou Mora-Kpai is a director, writer, and producer.


Filmmaking, for me, is a way of being socially engaged in this world. Having grown up in a post-colonial African context that witnessed the rapid decline of the dreams related to independence and having lived as a migrant in the West for the past thirty years, the stories I tell in my films are born out of my own critical interaction with the worlds I inhabit.

Thus, my films are characterized by this personal note, where I incorporate my own experiences and my own sensibility as both an African and a migrant. This sensibility is indispensable for challenging inherited historical misrepresentations without being merely reactive, and for finding our own authentic aesthetic form that allows us to define our images, to tell our stories, to bring forth new perspectives.

This situated sensibility also enables me to open myself to the world, to critically interrogate myself about the borders that are continuously imposed on us. My filmmaking always deals with borders. While I challenge many of the imposed borders, I am highly interested in understanding how borders work in individual lives, how they are negotiated, challenged, re-appropriated and redefined.

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Stuck between Benin and Nigeria in Africa’s most enigmatic border town, a Beninese engineer who lives in Canada and a Nigerian singer spend 48 hours together, an experience neither will ever forget.