DIRECTED BY: Idrissou Mora-Kpai
PRODUCERS: Jeanette Jouili &Idrissou Mora-Kpai
SOUND: Lardia Tchombiano
MUSIC: Ferdewass (Arlit) - Amadou Sariki Nomma
CO-PRODUCER: Arouna Sacca Mora-Kpai



Arlit is a case study in environmental racism set in a uranium mining town in the Sahara desert of Niger. Here European corporations extract nuclear power and profits leaving behind disease, contamination and unemployment. Ironically the primary activities of Arlit today is waiting, waiting to die of radiation related sicknesses or to emigrate to find work in Europe itself. 
Arlit was once a boom town. During the oil crunch of the early 70’s its uranium mines flourished eventually employing 25,000 workers from around the world in high paying jobs. Arlit was alive 24 hours a day, with frequent international flights, nightlife, earning it the nickname, “le deuxiéme Paris.” Then came the collapse in uranium prices and the Tuareg rebellion against the central government in Niamey more than 500 miles to the southwest. Arlit became a shadow of its former self. When there was nothing more which the Europeans wanted they abandoned the town leaving behind the derelict machinery littering the desert which is so memorable an image in the film. Arlit demonstrates the ultimate bankruptcy of overseas investment in commodity based industry as a strategy for development.

• Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 2005, section Forum (Allemagne)
• Festival International de Films de Fribourg, Suisse 2005
• Fespaco (Burkina-Faso 2005)
• 15° FestivalCinéma Africano d’Asia e America Latina 2005 (Milan-Italie 2005)
• Freiburger Film Forum (Allemagne 2005)
• Durban International Film festival (Afrique du Sud 2005)
• International Film Festival Munich (Allemagne 2005)
• International Film Festival Innsbruck (Autriche 2005)  
• Festival international de Film francophone de Namur (Belgique 2005) 
• Festival Résistances de Foix (France 2005)
• Festival du film d’Afrique et des îles (Réunion 2005)
• Festival de Documentaire de Sheffield (Angleterre 2005)
• Festival Black Movie, Genève, Suisse 2005
• Documentaire sur Grand Ecran (Paris-France 2006)
• Les Rencontres Cinéma de Gindou(France 2006)
• XVIII. Fernsehworkshop Entwicklunspolitik (Allemagne 2006) 
• Festival International de film d’Amiens (France 2006) 
• Amakula Kampala International Film Festival (Uganda 2006)
• Festival International de film de Ouidah (Bénin 2006) 
• Festival International des Scénaristes (Bourges- France 2006)
• Festival de film Africain de TARIFA (Espagne 2006) 
• Cineambiente(Turin, Italie 2006 )
• Etnia Film festival (Turku- Finlande 2006)
• Festival Afrique Taille XL (Bruxelles-Belgique 2006)
• Festival de film français de Tübingen-Stuttgart (Allemagne 2006)
• Festival Africa Alive (Frankfurt- Allemagne 2006)
• Cinema Africa Film Festival (Stockolm- Suède 2006)
• CinemaAfrika (Zürich-Suisse 2006)
• Festival Isola Cinéma (Slovénie 2006)
• Environmental Film Festival of Accra (Ghana 2007)
• Festival Vues d’Afrique (Montréal-Canada 2007)
• Globale Filmfestival (Berlin- Allemagne 2007)
• 48e festival des ciné-rencontres de Prades (France 2007)
• CINEMAF (Anvers-Belgique 2007) ; 13ème Festival du cinéma du Monde de Rouen (2008)

• 2008 Arlit – Best Documentary in the 14th festival “Regard sur le cinema du monde”, Rouen (France) 
• 2006 Arlit – Best Documentary in the 3th Muestra de Cine Africano de Tarifa (Spain) 
• 2006 Arlit – Best Documentary in the 4th International Film Festival of Ouidah (Benin) 
• 2006 Arlit – One-World Film Preis, North-Rhine Westfalia (Germany) 
• 2005 Arlit – Award “Amiens Metropole” in the 25th Amiens International Film Festival (France) 
• 2005 Arlit – Best Documentary, TV5 Award in the 20th Namurs International French Speaking Film Festival (Belgium) 
• 2005 Arlit – Best Documentary of the 15th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, Milan (Italie) 
• 2005 Arlit – Price of the French Institut in the 14th Innsbruck International Film festival (Austria)